Guaranteed security for your trading funds

Legal and Regulations

As an official and legal futures broker who specializes in financial investments, Topgrowth Futures has a solid foundation to provide comfort and security for you in investing.

  1. Operate as a Legal Broker authorized and regulated by BAPPEBTI/CoFTRA (Commodity & Futures Trading Regulatory Agency) – an institution formed by the Minister of Trade, with License No.300/BAPPEBTI/SI/III/2004.
  2. Broker Membership of Jakarta Futures Exhange (JFX) SPAB-059/BBJ/01/04
  3. Broker Membership of Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exhange (ICDX) 047/SPKB/ICDX/Dir/IX/2010
  4. Clearing House Membership of Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House (KBI) 21/AK-KBI/III/2004
  5. Clearing House Membership of Identrust Security International Clearing House 012/SPKK/ISI-TF/X/2010

Security of funds

Security of margin deposits is very important to each client. Here is the procedure conducted to ensure the safety of client’s funds:

  • Deposit of customer funds in the Segregated account
    Corresponding to the regulations set by Bappepti, any funds deposited by clients are stored in a separate account (segregated account). The segregated account is under direct supervision of Bappebti and has to be opened in an appointed Bank. The purpose of using a segregated account is to separate the company’s operational expenses from the funds deposited by clients.
  • The Bank name and account number is assigned by Bappebti.
    Topgrowth Futures only has one account number for depositing and storage of customer funds, as follows:
    Bank Central Asia / BCA
    A/C No. 035 311 8568
    on behalf of PT Topgrowth Futures

Trading Platform Security

Pro-iTrading and Pro-iTrader employs some of the toughest security protocols in order to ensure the stability and robustness of our clients’ access to the global capital markets. Pro-iTrading and Pro-iTrader authentication relies on a RSA 1024-bit key generated and stored on the client workstation. The data traffic between the trading platform and City Credit Capital is encrypted using a RC4 128-bit session key. Pro-iTrading and Pro-iTrader provides a highly secure trading environment using state-of-the-art encryption for communications.

System Login ID and Password

Security in accessing the Online Trading Platform is a must for every customer. The following are the steps taken by Topgrowth Futures in order to ensure the safety of our clients’ Login ID and Password:

  • Login ID and Password are sent separately
    To prevent the Login ID and Password fell into the hands of unauthorized party, the Login ID and Password are sent separately at different times to the investor���s e-mail address. First – a Login ID is sent to the email address of the investor. A few moments later the delivery of Password will follow.
  • Password can be changed into letters and numbers
    For security reasons the password can be changed anytime, as often as desired by the client, in a combination consisting of only letters, only numbers, or combination of both letters and numbers. Password system of Pro-iTrading & Pro-iTrader is also uppercase/lowercase sensitive. Minimum number of digits required for the password is 6 digits and there is no maximum.