Direct Phone Trading

Personal service for telephone traders

The guidelines below outline the types of clients who might benefit from our telephone trading service and describe the typical flow of information between the client, and the TOPGROWTH dealing desk. Please note that all telephone dealing conversations will be recorded and serve as evidence of the order confirmation. A deal made over the telephone is as firm and binding as trades conducted online. When you choose our telephone trading service, we suggest the following procedure for you to follow:

  1. Make sure that you have your account number, telephone PIN code and personal identification information ready to validate your identity with the TOPGROWTH dealer taking your call.
  2. Call the dealing number – please ask our customer service for this specific number.
  3. Identify yourself with your name, account number and telephone PIN code in order to place an order with TOPGROWTH.
  4. If you just want to know indicative prices and are not yet ready to place an order, or if you have general enquiries, please call Customer Service on 021-27889455.
Telephone Trading Example

The following is a sample telephone order undertaken by a fictitious customer called John:

John : “My name is John Smith. My account number is CM 1111 and my telephone PIN code is 123456. Can you give me a dealing quote for Euro Dollar please?”
Dealer : “Sure, EUR/USD is currently at 1.2545/48.”
John : “I would like to buy 1 lot please.”
Dealer : “That’s confirmed. You have just bought 1 lot EUR/USD at 1.2548 for account number CM 1111. Thank you for trading with PT. Topgrowth Futures.”